Episode 1

Published on:

22nd Jan 2022

But Fear Itself (Season 2 Opener)

Season 2 of the Moonlit Library begins, and Bill has just the thing to soothe your monstrous soul - an M.R. James tale. For best results, wait until bedtime and listen in the dark! Leave a voice response to this episode at https://www.speakpipe.com/billoberstjr Your message may be played next time.

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Bill Oberst Jr.'s Gothic Goodnight
A soulful and darkly soothing bedtime podcast with ASMR elements and short gothic fiction selections read by Emmy Award-winning actor Bill Oberst Jr.
"Chicken soup for the dark night of the soul. Heir apparent to the throne of Vincent Price and Boris Karloff, Bill Oberst Jr. does far more than just read spooky stories. He invites you on a thoughtful, dark journey with warmth and sophistication. Do yourself a favor and subscribe." (Apple Podcasts Review)
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